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Silon Aviacion - Company Profile

   Silon Aviación was established in 1988 and has ever since maintained a strong positioning as a general sales agent in the Spanish Airline Market. The company divides its activity in two different sectors:
    1) GSA Spain for airlines in Spain
    2) Representation in Spain of companies of the Aeronautic/Aerospace Industry.
    Its ownership has more than 36 years of experience in the Travel and aerospace industry and keeps personal and business contacts with aviation companies such as Iberia, Aena Airports, Tour Operators, Travel Agencies and many other participants in the aviation industry, both in Spain and worldwide.

 Advantages of Silon Aviacion

Strong Global Positioning:
Silon Aviación is the appointed GSA for several Airlines, making it easier to promote airlines by synergizing destinations with our current activity pools, longstanding marketing and sales channels and customers database. 
More than 36 Years of Experience as a GSA Spain
We are and have been for many years devoted to developing worldwide airline sales in the Spanish Market. Our experience and success as a GSA has promoted a boost in sales for all of our represented airlines. As an example: China Southern’s total sales have increased an average of 50% per year since 2006.
Financially Solid Company
Silon Aviación is a financially solid private company with the flexibility to make fast decisions in this fast ever changing market and allocate the required budget and resources to operate successful GSA operations.
Close Partnerships

We are extremely well known with all tour operators and travel agents in Spain. Additionally, our partnership with Iberia, that spans for more than 20 years in a vast variety of activities, including passenger sales, handling and maintenance, assists us in obtaining the required support for handling our represented airlines.

Paseo de la Castellana 135,14A
28046 Madrid Tel 900 102 632 
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Rambla Catalunya, 18, planta 6ª
08007 Barcelona 
Tlf: +34 93 409 4747
Av 5 de Outubro, 115, 1e
1050-052 Lisboa
Tlf: +351 215 933 234